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SCADA is created with the first letters of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition words; It is called Central Audit Control and Data Collection" system. The rationale behind the SCADA is to collect, monitor, supervise, collect and report data, and control the units of all stages of production. Due to these features, it has wide usage area.


Key Features of SCADA Systems :


► Graphical Interface

► Monitoring System

► Alarm System

► Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Systems.


Your process&factory automation becomes a vehicle that only manages your facility and becomes a vehicle that reduces your energy consumption, reduces costs and facilitates work. They support production and business decisions and prepare your premises and operations for the future.


MUSER automation is an organization that can give you quality service at your engineering level for all your requirements and requests about all factory automation systems.


By choosing us in your process& factory automation;


• Maximize field production

• Reduce your total cost

• Make business decisions easier

• Transfer data from remote objects to the enterprise securely and reliably

• Simplify deployment and configuration with a scalable and flexible architecture

• Improve workplace security • Extend the lifetime of existing assets

• Maximize capital use

• Get your business continuity


And for more, Muser automation projects allow you to successfully complete your project by performing exploration and feasibility studies in line with your needs and wishes.


Please email  for free reconnaissance work.


We provide turnkey solutions in the sectors we work with our expert team members.






Scada systems can be defined as computer systems consisting of monitoring and controlling software in general. The basic logic from the simplest application to the most complex application is the same.

Monitor and control the system. With the increase in the need for Scada systems, the analysis and evaluation of the data has been brought to the agenda.

At this point, reporting software and solutions come into play. Although these reporting software is widely used, the software used in the industry is generally developed with special (non-standard) solutions.

In this case, it may be an obstacle to the standardization and independence of the systems.

REPORTING systems should have a structure in such a way that the end user can easily access the raw information needed. The basic sub-units of industrial automation systems are data collection, data recording, data analysis and reporting.

The main features of this reporting system are;

Easily connect to different controllers and equipment in your systems, Real-time data collection and recording, Processing, reporting and delivering data in real time or in archive (as e-mail or printout) Possibility to manually enter data into the report (access restricted) Web-based, Creating dynamic dashboards, User-friendly interface, Rapid project development, Secure access and storage, Ease of access with any mobile device



It allows to generate reports manually and automatically. Automatic mode allows reporting of events and schedules. When ready, reports can be automatically printed, emailed, stored and published on the web.


Enterprise report software used in industrial facilities, Microsot Excel, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and SAP Crystal Reports do not actually fully satisfy the needs. Therefore, the subject of reporting has always been the bleeding wound of industrial automation solutions.

So how should be the reporting tool that the industrial automation world needs?


Top Features

Reporting solutions that can be easily integrated into your systems with a software with the features mentioned above are used in Food, Pharmaceutical, Water and Wastewater, Energy Systems, Building automation and so on. areas will provide you a solution with high added value.

For detailed information, please see the texts below. For more information about reporting and data analysis, please send an e-mail to or call us at +905534574698.




Includes a robust contact center for data collection and alarm collection from multiple real-time and historical sources. OPC, OLE and ODBC standards. In addition, ODS; SCADA systems, DCS, RTU and many other things for visiting locally develops a dedicated team.



It integrates a highly powerful history module to save lean and accurate data in any standard database such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access.

This makes it an ideal solution not only as a reporting tool, but also within the field of data integration for enterprise applications.



Creates a user-friendly object library by extracting data statistics and analysis to be displayed in multiple views, such as Tables, Bars, Cakes, Drawings, and more.



  • Connect to Industrial Data Sources (Enterprise (ERP, SAP, etc.) connections)
  • Integrating Multiple Sources into a Report
  • Easy calculation of industrial statistics
  • Special Support for Vertical Markets
  • 21 CFR Part 11 support
  • LIMS Functionality
  • Resistance to industrial conditions - 24x7x365 trouble-free operation
  • Easy to Use - No programming skills required
  • All-In-One Design Ready to Reduce Technology Integration Time    and more
  • Real-Time and Historical Simulation of Data Sources for Project Testing
  • Data Source Label Setup and Modeling
  • Third Party Data Model Scanning (Tag Lists)
  • Automatic Remote File CollectionAutomatic processing of CSV and Excel files
  • Remote Data Connection - Secure Web Services
  • Industrial Data Quality Validation - Ignoring BAD Quality Data
  • Proper Use of Gap Data
  • Correct Use of Integrated Data
  • Alarm Message Statistics
  • Dynamic Graphic Image Processing
  • Clustering and Repetition of Objects (Pivot Groups)
  • Understanding Collective Events and Collective Reporting
  • ActiveX Control for HMI / SCADA Integration
  • Web Service API for Automation Integration
  • Data Log and Manual Data Entry
  • Back to Automation Systems
  • Full and Incremental Automatic Distribution
  • 14 Language Support
  • Multilingual report output generation
  • Template-Based Report Creation - Simplify Reports for Others
  • Virtual Reports - Functionality for Repetitive Applications
  • Electronic Signatures - Validable Before Distribution
  • Version Management and Control - Who changed what and when?
  • Generating Parallel Reports - Does Not Prevent Important Reports
  • Internal Redundancy (High Availability)


EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor


As Muser Automation, we take your productivity to the next level with Schneider Electric, EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor.

With the EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, you can:

  • Automation data can be viewed on the tablet in real time,

  • Provides access to PLCs on IOS, Android and Windows-based tablets,

  • It can open your electrical panels virtually without physical intervention. Information about the status and documentation of the equipment in the panel can be obtained,

  • For the elements in your facility, you can find out the operational status of your equipment, analog data, faults etc. observe production numbers, technical information etc. access in real time,

  • You can open the popup pictures anywhere in your facility and show the interior of the area you want,

  • Share catalogs, promotional data about your company and provide information to those coming to your facility,

  • Operation and maintenance processes can be accelerated quickly, technical documents, user manuals, documents related to the electrical diagrams of the equipment in the field can be accessed quickly,

  • Reduce human errors,

  • Maintenance and failure processes can be guided step by step, following their processes in the required directives, and recording data about who did these processes, when and how they performed them,

  • Provide access to electrical diagrams, web pages, necessary instructions and notes, videos, SQL database,

  • By performing a quick maintenance and repair process against the faults encountered, you can save costs and increase the production efficiency.