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Applying Your form is:
1. Information about your person and your family
Name and Surname :
Date of birth :
Place of birth :
Father Name :
Your marital status:
Your job :
Name, Occupation, Working Name of your spouse Gain:
Is there another employee in your family?
Do you and your family have any other income?
Are you a soldier?
If yes: Place :  
Date of Discharge:
Do you have criminal records?
Do you have a driver's license?       Class : 
Can you travel?
Do you have your passport?
Who do you stay with?
Home Situation?
Tenant Renewed Rent:  
2. Health Status
size :
Kilo :
Do you have a physical disability?
Explain If You Have Physical Exercise:
Do you smoke ?
Do you have Chronic and Contagious Disease?
3. Education status
( School, Department, Graduation, and Dates.)
( School, Department, Graduation, and Dates.)
Associate Degree:
( School, Department, Graduation, and Dates.)
High school:
( School, Department, Graduation, and Dates.)
4. Private Courses and Seminars You Follow
Course Or Information about the Seminar:
5. Foreign Language Information      
  Understanding Reading Writing
The English :
German :
French :
Other Languages ??you know:
6. Your Issues Apart from Your Occupation
Associations you are a member of:
Your homies :
Other features:
Do you apply to our company earlier?
Computer Programs You Can Use:
At our company Do you know them?
7. Your homies
Past Job Life :
8. References to Contacts
 Ad Name Surname, Address, Place of Work, Phone information ....
1st Conference
  2nd Conference
9. Working Class
Would you accept shift work?
Would you agree to work too much outside of office hours? ?
Would you accept Overtime Work / Overtime on General Holiday Days?
Would you accept the Change in Working Arrangement?
10. Request Your Business
Type of Work:
Net Fee:
When Can you get started?
11th . Contact Your information
Telephone :
E-mail :
Address :