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Temperature control is an important issue that is needed for many different processes in different environments. The correct hardware for this control system is only used with the correct software, but a precise temperature control can be performed.

Muser automation has realized the design and implementation of the automation system required for the required temperature control in many different sectors.

Using PID and / or fuzzy logic, many difficult proceses have successfully implemented temperature control with the desired accuracy.

Some of the sectors we have developed heat control solutions;

Temperature control with steam valve - The system has a special structure in the defense industry, temperature control is achieved by using PID and fuzzy logic together with the opening rate of the steam valve and the fan speed. Temperature values ​​are continuously recorded. Within the scope of the project, Schneider brand PLC and operator panel are used.


Some of the sectors we have developed heat control solutions - Temperature control with defense industry steam valve, temperature and flow control with food sector air conditioner system, temperature control with textile sector power control devices ...


Temperature and flow control with the food sector air conditioner system - The project was realized within the scope of factory automation and the desired temperature value and air flow inside the oven were adjusted according to the desired time period by using the air condition system. Temperature values and flow rates are continuously recorded.

Temperature control with power control devices - Fotek brand power control devices can automatically control the power according to the region where the temperature measurement is made, thereby saving energy by obtaining the desired temperature.

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