Fotek, one of the leading companies in the field of heat control, responds to the needs of the MT Series devices that have achieved this success, as well as the NT Series devices which were started to be produced in 2015 to meet the changing needs as well as the analog standard series H5- It can provide.

FUZZY + MT and NT Series thermostats that provide PID control perform well on this field.
The NT22 rayon-mounted thin-type products in the NT series offer many firsts for heat control.
Devices with RS communication characteristics communicate with the display and PLC to provide more professional control in this regard at a more cost-effective alternative to temperature control modules.
The device which allows to monitor the current in the process thanks to the current pro- vides also available on the table, offers a high performance and convenience by reducing the costs in this regard.

MT Electronic Thermostat Series

FOTEK MT Series heat control devices provide fast and precise results for trouble-free operation. The MT series Fuzyy + PID heat control devices that serve our industrial sector of Turkey for more than 15 years are leader of the sector which has come to these days with 0 problem compared to last years.

With 15 different alarm selections, the device can respond to all your need for alarms, offering 2 alarm contacts at all times, which is still the first feature in this area.

NT Series

NT-SERIES Heat control devices are a new generation heat control device and have many innovations in the world. The scan time of 0.01 second is an unbelievable standard by the GPI competitors and thanks to the excellent measurement in this situation, it is possible to obtain exact results in sensitive areas such as milk, cheese, oil, food and medicine.

The NT series, which allows you to monitor both current and heat by adding current props by turning off the ammeter in a way that will revolutionize your field, offers the most suitable solution for your current monitoring needs, which is set up by high cost. NT-22 new members of the series, which is another innovation, communicate with PLC modules of RS-mounted RS communication and high cost of PLC modules in this regard by removing the need for high capacity CPU in TC input module and output module from there and by selecting PLC modules which are much more costless, Allowing you to pull it down.

In the event of malfunctions in the PLC or Display Panel, the NT Series temperature controllers can continue to operate smoothly even if the PLC and Display Panel are disabled due to the advantage provided by their own display.