Automatic Dosing Systems

 MACHINE AUTOMATION  Automatic Dosing Systems



Muser automation carries out automation and integration of systems capable of dosing to the production line at every capacity according to the needs of the customers.

The products to be taken from the raw material dosing systems are automatically weighed precisely and automatic dosing is carried out in different configurations according to the prescriptions formed at the desired number. The entire process is controlled by PLC and control or observation is performed via the operator panel. In addition, if desired, remote control of the systems and follow-up can be performed and the desired data can be recorded.

Yeast feeding system - At different ratios, the wet age of the emulsifiers is automatically transferred to the wet yeast furnace in the desired amount after being processed. The project was realized within the scope of factory automation and the automatic weighing and feeding system was established by communicating with M340 PLC with the electronic band scale to which the load cells are connected.

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