SCHNEIDER Servo Driver and Motors


Lexium 32 ve Motor


Lexium 32 ve Motor, Servo Speed Controllers from 0,15 - 7 kW for maximum performance and servo motor


Product Information

To be successful


  • A complete series of three book-size servo-speed controller models and intelligent options with two servomotor families
  • Lexium 32 simplifies any process that takes place throughout the lifetime of the machine, from engineering to maintenance


  Superior performance and compact design

  • Speed ​​bandwidth of 1.600 Hz provides excellent response time
  • With a power density of 548 W / l, the Lexium 32 offers maximum power in a minimum volume
  • This saves space and size of the cabin and reduces the surface area and costs of the machine

    Simplified design, assembly and commissioning

  • Powerful integration software simplifies the entire process from planning to commissioning
  • New Auto Fine Tuning function makes precise setting easier than ever
  • Lexium 32 offers a variety of features that speed up assembly and maintenance, such as removable color-coded connectors
  • SoMove software to configure on PC and to transfer configuration using Bluetooth® or using a cable

    Open to the world of movement


  • Lexium 32 supports a wide variety of interfaces for rapid integration into architectures
  • Communication panels, encoder options and accessories, Lexium 32 solution harmoniously
  • Take full advantage of your existing assets, such as your applications or your old engines.

    Integrated security

  • Built-in "Safe Torque Off" (IEC / EN 61800-5-2) for shorter downtimes and fewer cable connections
  • With the optional enhanced security module eSM, you are relieved of the difficulties of complex concepts based on a single supplier. Access to SS1, SS2, SOS and SLS security functions (IEC / EN 61800-5-2)


    Inspired by simplicity!

    The Lexium 32 is a choice of three servo speed control speed controllers and a choice of intelligent options in addition to two servo motors. It provides the combination of speed controller and motor with exactly the power, performance and functions required at an affordable price.



  • Packaging
  • Materials Management
  • Textile industry
  • Print
  • Material workmanship


Lexium 23 Plus


Lexium 23 Plus, Servo speed controllers and servo motors between 100 W and 7.5 kW rated power


Product Information

    Easy integration
    Lexium 23 Plus servo speed controllers; Speed ​​and torque control, automatic recognition and positioning.
    An open communication concept provides easy integration into the architectures of a wide variety of different control systems.

    Simple commissioning and lower installation costs
    The Lexium 23 CT computer deactivation software has an auto-recognition function that allows for an extremely fast start-up.
    The simplicity of the cable connection of servo speed controllers simplifies installation and reduces global installation costs.

    Compact series
    The compact size of servo speed controllers is ideal for use in confined spaces.


    Depending on the model, servo speed controllers include standard digital and analog I / O and one of the following communication interfaces:

  • Interface for CANopen / CANmotion machine bus (LXM23A).

  • Impact / direction (P / D) interface (LXM23D).

    Four types of motor inertia make it suitable for a wide range of applications: ultra low, low, medium and high.


  • High-performance servo-speed controller for simple machine applications

  • The Lexium 23 Plus servo range has everything you need to optimize your motion control efficiently.

  • Coupled with the powerful BCH servo motor, the Lexium 23 Plus servo speed controller will improve your setup with greater efficiency and flexibility. Depending on your setup, there are also a variety of options to maximize your performance.

  • The compact size of the series is ideal for use in areas where space is limited and will help reduce the size of your machine, thus reducing the costs of your global setup.


  • Material handling (conveyor, pallet machines, storage, selection and placement, etc.)

  • Assembly (clamping, etc.)

  • Printing (winding, dissolving, labeling, etc.)

  • Packaging (folding, unpacking, etc.)

  • Machine tools (multi-axis machines, cutting machines, etc.)