PROCESS AUTOMATION  Chemistery Sector




  • For the programming of the systems, the PLC model suitable for the project is preferred and written in any of the different programming languages
  • Identification of all data requested to be taken from the scene and I / O configuration
  • Protocol applications and communication with existing PLCs with OPC and many different communication protocols
  • Automation and SCADA and Web Interface Software
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Reporting, Analysis and Billing Software
  • Simulation Software


PLC and MCC Panels Production and Assembly

  • Determination of the configuration of the appropriate hardware required by the automation system,
  • Auto-cad supported design of automation panels suitable for configuration,
  • Preparation of electricity Project
  • Production of panels, internal assembly
  • Realization of tests before commissioning
  • Field assembly and field tests are made and made ready for commissioning