Lebensmittel und Getränke Sektor

Feldversuche und Inbetriebnahme

PROZESSAUTOMATISIERUNG   Lebensmittel und Getränke Sektor



  • Dry yeast and fermentation control systems automation,
  • Packing-labeling-boxing-palletizing-slicing-capping machines, automation of liquid filling, dosign and weighing systems,
  • Vacuum, pump, filter systems, tank mixer, ventilation systems, tape flow automation,
  • Production of automation panels,
  • PLC, SCADA, HMI software services,
  • Temperature control,
  • Flow control,
  • Speed control systems,
  • Motion control systems,
  • Technical support and maintenance service,
  • Field tests,
  • Assembly and revision,
  • Education,


MUSER Automation adopts the highest quality concept. The expert staff continuously develops innovative automation solutions in the food and beverage industry using professional technical knowledge. It gives you a serious competitive edge in the market. SCADA systems to give you visual information about the process. It also makes remote access possible when requested.


SCADA systems, filling systems, fermantation ood and beverage canning and packaging, beverage processing, fruit processing, sterilizer lines, cooling, heating, washing operations, bottling, fodder machines, drying, storage, cutting-chopping, Customized food and beverage automations.


Maya is one of the most important microorganisms to meet the needs of human beings used in the production of goods and drinks for many years. It will always be needed when the food sector is relevant. While the yeast production process requires a special knowledge in itself, it has also been used directly or indirectly in many different disciplines during the same time. In this respect, it is necessary to have many different fields of automation architecture which are necessary for yeast production. Yeast production technology is basic, yeast culture, fermentation, separation, drying, cleaning and so on. My steps are coming to fruition.



The yeast culture produced in the laboratory is subjected to multiplication in the fermentors together with the prescription according to certain parameters. There are two types of production here, one of which is the main yeast and the other is the commercial yeast. A yeast is required for parent yeast production. The fermentation should be controlled rapidly, it is more than one parameter. Some of those; Melas flux, nitrogen flux, temperature, alcohol content, pH value etc.

Control and / or monitoring facilities are available via the SCADA system. It is also possible to record all measurement and control settings of the whole system and then monitor these values. Recipe applications, reports, etc. Can be used in the SCADA system. In this way, during the entire fermentation period, all the processes are determined before the start of the period and the only thing that will be processed after loading into the system is to observe the system. Remote access to the SCADA system is also possible if desired.


The drying process of fermentation products is a complex multi-input-multiple-output, non-linear process. Both the definition of a correct operation and the quality of the product, which is sufficient to optimize this process, will increase system efficiency. The entire system, including changes based on this factor, is not automatically controlled. The temperature and the temperature of the air supplied to the oven are the most important control values. It uses PID and / or fuzzy logic (fuzzy logic) control types in the control of the actuators (fan, proportional valve, etc.) In order to complete the drying process, the contents of the mines must be reduced to 5% or more, and the neminated product in this yeast is taken out of the dryer and automatically sent to the packaging machines.

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