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As Muser Automation, we take your productivity to the next level with Schneider Electric, EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor.

With the EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, you can:

  • Automation data can be viewed on the tablet in real time,

  • Provides access to PLCs on IOS, Android and Windows-based tablets,

  • It can open your electrical panels virtually without physical intervention. Information about the status and documentation of the equipment in the panel can be obtained,

  • For the elements in your facility, you can find out the operational status of your equipment, analog data, faults etc. observe production numbers, technical information etc. access in real time,

  • You can open the popup pictures anywhere in your facility and show the interior of the area you want,

  • Share catalogs, promotional data about your company and provide information to those coming to your facility,

  • Operation and maintenance processes can be accelerated quickly, technical documents, user manuals, documents related to the electrical diagrams of the equipment in the field can be accessed quickly,

  • Reduce human errors,

  • Maintenance and failure processes can be guided step by step, following their processes in the required directives, and recording data about who did these processes, when and how they performed them,

  • Provide access to electrical diagrams, web pages, necessary instructions and notes, videos, SQL database,

  • By performing a quick maintenance and repair process against the faults encountered, you can save costs and increase the production efficiency.