Measurement Control Devices

    On / Off Temperature Controllers: Heating / Cooling applications, On / Off temperature control form.
    PID Temperature Controllers: universal temperature sensor inputs, intuitive temperature control with PID control form.
    Cooling Controllers: Industrial solutions suitable for cooling applications with special parameters for cooling process.
    Heating / Cooking Controllers: Specific parameters for heating and cooking applications. Time dependent operation, starting and stopping of cooking time.
    Analog Temperature Controllers: Easy solution with temperature control by analog control scale.
    Process Control Devices: PID control output. Universal sensor input. Flexible solutions with expanding module structure in all process operations such as temperature, level, humidity, pressure, fluid control.
    Process Indications: Display all process data such as temperature, level, humidity, pressure with universal sensor input.
    Counters: Total counters, counting back and forth. Switch, proximity, capacitive sensor or encoder connection options.
    Time Relay: Total counter, Batch Counter, Time Relay, Stopwatch, Frequency Meter and Cycle measurement functions.
    Digital Tachometer: Speed ​​measurement, Frequency measurement, Band speed measurement, Instantaneous flow measurement.
    Digital Potentiometer: Digital Potentiometer for Engine Speed ​​Drivers.

Application Control Devices

    Profile Step Controller
    Cooking-Oven Control Device
    Digital power regulator
    Differential Control Device
    Digital Temperature Humidity Controller
    PID Hot Runner Controller
    Incubation Control Device
    EPC and EPC-N (Poultry Controller)

Remote Management Solutions